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Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide for Aspiring Musicians

Bay Area Music prides itself for featuring up and coming artists under 21. Based on our interviews, most of these musicians started out by learning to play the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is probably one of the most ubiquitous and accessible musical instruments out there. So if you’re dreaming of someday being on stage yourself, you can’t go wrong by starting out on an acoustic axe.


As you look for your first guitar, you’ll realize that there’s an overwhelming number of options available online. To manage your choices, first consider what others think is the best acoustic guitar for beginners or novices. Under $500 options offer the best value for the money, so prioritize looking into them too. In this post, we present an overview of the choosing and buying process to help organize your decision making.

Show Me The Money

If there’s anyone who is very sensitive to cost, it would be the beginner. A newbie is most likely to compare prices with those of things he already owns, even if they are barely related. But doing so is wrong, because the comparison is obviously not apples to apples. Worse, it could actually lead you to get a “lemon” musical instrument. And so, it is wise to first get a sense of actual price ranges and quality.

If you’re looking for something way below a hundred bucks, you are unfortunately looking for a toy instead of a musical instrument. But for around $100, you could already get a good quality acoustic guitar. These guitars tend to cost even lower during sales, so keep tabs on such. If 100 dollars still seems like a lot, to put things in perspective, take note that top of the line guitars tend to cost thousands.

Remember My Name

The top guitar brands aren’t the best for nothing. These are the ones endorsed by popular musicians and ordinary people because of their high quality products. As a novice, it’s more convenient and safer to get a guitar from a known name. Top brands have been around for quite some time, and have built their reputations over the years. Hence, you are more likely to get a great sounding guitar even without diving too deep into the nitty gritty of acoustic guitar materials. Some of the best acoustic brands for beginners are Martin, Taylor and Yamaha.

Size And Orientation Matters

An acoustic guitar’s size should be appropriate for the player’s height. For those that are 5 feet tall and above, the full sized dreadnought will fit very well. On the other hand, those who are shorter should consider getting the smaller sized guitars (7/8, 3/4, etc.). Besides size, the hand orientation of the acoustic guitar should also match that of the player’s. Using a guitar with the appropriate size and orientation is comfortable, and doing so will result to a more satisfying learning experience.

Finding What’s Meant For You

With due diligence and the tips above, you’ll probably find the best acoustic guitar for beginners like yourself. If you stumble on something with great value for the money at under $500 — go for it! And when you finally get good at playing it, consider performing on the many festivals that we organize.