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Practicing Singing While Taking a Hot Shower

Dreaming of someday singing at music festivals, but thinking that your voice is too bad to go out of the shower room? Fret not, because here, we share tips on how to practice singing in the shower to one day take your voice outside of it.

For this post, we consulted singers to make sure that your first public performance will go well come hell or high high water.


Tips on Singing in the Shower

  • Pick genres, artists and songs that you really love, like those that you listen to in everyday life outside of the shower.
  • Practice with the easiest songs, specially if you haven’t sang before and you’re just learning by yourself. This is to avoid the improper use of your voice that might hamper your capability in the future.
  • Sing with your stomach, not with your throat. If you feel any pain when you’re singing, then you’re doing it all wrong. Worse, it can result to problems with your voice later in your life.
  • If a song has tough portions, it’s a good strategy to tear it apart and practice each part separately. When your vocal muscles have already memorized each part, you can then put the song back together to practice the transitions between such parts.
  • Don’t limit your practice to technique, also include your facial and body expression and your overall delivery of the song. Technique and expression actually help each other, that’s why it is common advice to sing with your heart.
  • Practice under hot water. Some singers do so even when touring, by using an RV tankless water heater like those at It’s harder to sing with cold water.

Finally, probably the best tip ever is to practice, practice and practice. There’s no getting around it, you only really get better at something when you do it repeatedly. And when you do, the day will come when you can finally take your voice from the shower and out into the music festivals.